Progress shots of The Joker so you can see the process. I think it’s important to see the stages an artwork goes through incrementally. It helps you understand what it took to get to the finish.

There are always revisions of ideas mid way though. In this case I noticed his face was too soft. I thinned out his left jaw and added much deeper lines around his chin and eyes. I also accented his eyes more, and squinted the lower lid of his left eye more. I also ended up adding more teeth cause it just didn’t look natural.

I also layered thick undiluted white paint on his face so that his makeup looked patchy.

These are all things that I never would have considered during the sketch phase.

I also thought I had it finished, but then I dwelled on it all day and ended up doing another session, which was a great idea. It allowed me to focus on the small details and really bring up the standard across the whole image.

This was a fun piece to work on

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