This article will mark the first time I have posted anything to this blog that wasn’t an artwork or a photograph.

Initially this experience was designed to compile some kind of a portfolio of my work, but to a lesser extent provide some drive to push myself to produce more art.

It seems to have worked. Since January I have posted over 100 works! Some of them pretty average, some of them of a standard that I feel I can be proud of. But the most obvious development is that the caliber of work I’m producing seems to be improving exponentially work by work. (If you’ll indulge my mildly conceited observation)

Never in a million years would I have expected to produce that much art in just under a year. If you had asked me in January to show you some of my work, I’d have had maybe a handful of old stuff kicking around in the dust. I would probably have been hesitant to pull it out anyway because at that point I felt a huge disparity between the quality of my work and the standard to which I knew I was capable. I feel like I am now closing in on that standard. And it feels remarkably fulfilling.

Also, what I never expected was the overwhelming support bestowed upon me by people near and far who somehow see things in my work that appeals to them, even when I can’t see it myself. That more than anything has been the driving force behind the momentum. Whether it’s friends on Facebook, the community over at OzComics (an awesome Facebook community for artists of all kinds to push their boundaries with weekly comic and pop culture related topics -check them out) or just anonymous ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ right here on tumblr. Each click acts as an enabler driving the addiction to produce.

So to anyone who spent even 2 seconds admiring my work, or anyone who went to the trouble of sharing my work on their page, Thank you. I know it may seem trivial, but it’s these small victories that drive the creativity and push me to improve.

So, to you, a very humble thanks!